Waterfall DeFi

Project Level

Q: What are the advantages of Waterfall DeFi over existing competitors? A: Our advantages:
  • Diversification
    • Our portfolio strategies package multiple DeFi assets and yield farms to ensure risk and return diversification.
    • In the future, we aim to include more diversified assets to make sure an abundance of options for the community.
  • Clear tranche differentiation
    • A TVL limit is set initially for each tranches in the initial launch to ensure clear tranche differentiation.
    • Going forward will lift the limit but will introduce dynamic reward to incentive optimal user behavior.
  • Three tranche approach
    • We will launch with a three-tranche product, expanding the optionality for the community.
  • Fixed income product
    • Will introduce a fixed income product by locking up the user deposit for a fixed period of time (seven days) during the deployment period.
Q: When will the products be ready? A: Team is working hard on finalizing the content and smoothing out the user experience. Mainnet will be ready soon and we are currently targeting late Q3/early Q4 for initial release. Q: Why aren’t you guys on Ethereum and Polygon? A: We chose to deploy on Binance Smart Chain first to take advantage to the low transactions fees and the existing DeFi ecosystem, making Waterfall DeFi cross-chain compatible is an important part of our vision and going forward we will also explore options on other chains such as Solana and Polkadot.