Portfolios in Waterfall DeFi
Portfolio management goes beyond which coins and tokens you buy! The same concept also applies to yield farming: it’s best for you to diversify risk through sizing your capital properly on different yield offerings, instead of apeing into a single farm that risks you a potential full-loss of capital. Yield offered at farms across the DeFi space often reflects the risk implied in the farms: New/unaudited farms have high chance of hacks and so TVL is a lot lower than reputable farms and therefore often offers absurd APY. With that in mind, there's need for risk management to protect your capital from unwanted losses.
Our tranched yield products offer you a variety of risk-return combinations at your fingertips, allowing you to execute your risk management decisions efficiently and cost-effectively. The first Waterfall DeFi tranched product - BUSD Falls, is a portfolio of two carefully selected BUSD stablecoin lending vaults on BSC: Alpaca Finance and Venus, which is currently #2 and #4 in TVL on BSC. More tranched products in progress that will give our community even more choices of taking on extra risk to earn extra yield you cannot get from farming on your own, or be conservative and maintain a steady yield returns on your capital. Stay tuned!
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