Waterfall DeFi
AVAX Falls
Get up to 20% APR from your AVAX!
What is AVAX Falls?
AVAX Falls is our prime savings product on Avalanche. We notice the fact that AVAX yield has been quite volatile in the Avalanche DeFi space and the market is in need of comfortable savings product that allow users to park their AVAX bags as their productive assets. Of course, yield speculators will have their play in AVAX Falls as well, through getting into the Junior Tranches that offers leveraged yield AVAX savings with 20% native APR - optimized from Benqi and TradeJoe!
As usual, higher risk is involved on Junior Tranche for AVAX savings, while Senior Tranche might give you less yield than you could farm outside of Waterfall, however the yield is targeted to be fixed and stable, therefore offering a hassle free savings experience to our users.
More details on our core tranching mechanics can be found on What is Tranching.
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