Product Level
Q: If I am looking for the Junior tranche, why don’t I just deposit my money into the respective farms instead since I am facing the same amount of capital risk anyway? A: Senior and Mezzanine tranches sacrifice a part of their yield to Junior tranche for capital protection, so the Junior tranche receives an APY boost which is higher than just depositing into lending farms.
Q: What’s the difference between depositing into the Senior tranche versus buying an insurance to cover capital loss in farms from another protocol? A: DeFi insurance requires upfront payment. However with tranches you are buying the capital protection with your future interest return so farming and insuring can be done on same protocol hence a less complicated farming experience.
Q: Any $WTF incentives for user to deposit into the tranches? A: 👀perhaps...probably....some retroooooooactiveeeee airdroooooop?
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