Waterfall DeFi

BUSD Falls

Our first product - BUSD Falls, gives you diversified savings of your BUSD via Alpaca Finance and Venus on BSC!
What is BUSD Falls?
BUSD Falls is a portfolio of two carefully selected top BUSD stablecoin lending vaults on BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain): Alpaca Finance and Venus. This portfolio is sliced into three tranches: Senior, Mezzanine and Junior. (For more information on how “tranching” works, click here for our deep dive.)
All three tranches have a fixed maturity period no less than one week. The Senior and Mezzanine tranche earn a fixed APR, while the Junior tranche earns a dynamic APR, which the principal and yield will become redeemable after the products matured.
Users can enjoy covered or leveraged returns via our true risk tranching product on BSC with BUSD Falls by depositing on either the Senior, Mezzanine, or Junior tranche. To recap, Senior tranches offer the most stable and predictable (fixed) returns, while Junior tranches provide more volatile but lucrative leveraged returns; mezzanine tranches sit in the middle and are a relative value play between risk and reward. As a yield aggregator, the BUSD Falls’ returns do not come from us, but instead are all coming natively from our partnering farms Alpaca Finance and Venus as we build our tranches on top of them that are currently ranked #2 and #4 in TVL on BSC!